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Ponderings of a HOH/Deaf Adult…

These are some things I wonder about:

  • Are HOH or deaf people the worst sneakers around?  Can we sneak behind people quietly?  Is it possible for us to be as quiet as a normal hearing person?  I have often wondered if my kids heard me sneaking into their rooms to do the fallen tooth/fairy $$ exchange or if they heard “Santa” putting the presents out late in the evening (or early in the morning).
  • This may be TMI, but do you hear other people in public restrooms? 😐
  • Can normal hearing people hear other people breathe?  Do HOH/Deaf people breathe “louder”?  I have been told once before that my breathing is loud, so I wonder if I do this just so I can hear myself breathe. 🙂
  • Do HOH/Deaf people sleep better than normal hearing people? Nice to turn off the ears at night. 🙂
  • Do we type louder just so we can hear ourselves type?
  • Is road noise louder for us than for normal hearing people?  I’ve always been sensitive to road noise…I will be first to breathe sigh of relief when we hit smooth, blacktop surface.  Same thing with the beach/ocean…I always feel like I talk louder…almost to yelling point.
  • Do HOH/Deaf people get louder when they are excited?  Much like little kids do?  I know I still do it.
That’s just a fraction of things I have wondered about…it will be interesting to compare this to when my “new” ear starts exceeding limits that will then have no boundaries. 🙂

Energizer bunny does not go on and on…

Gotta love it when my battery runs out, and I left them at home.  So now I sit in complete silence, anxious to get home…

Looking forward to having batteries that are rechargeable!  But for as long as I wear the hearing aid in the right ear, I will continue to buy batteries…which reminds me, I will be making a call to the audiologist sometime today to inquire about replacing this weak hearing aid.  My right ear needs a little more punch than this aid can deliver.  Crossing fingers that he can help me since he will be the one doing the CI mappings and also tweaking the hearing aid to complement the CI (so that it’s not the other way around).  Will update soon if I find out anything new…


One year later…

For the first entry, I thought I would just do a quick recap of my history.   I will probably come back and edit by adding links where applicable.

1972: 9 months of age, mom definitely noticed that I could not hear; after a series of tests, they determined that I did have moderate to severe hearing loss with 40% loss in right ear and 60% loss in left.  At the time, they said it was a sensori-neuro hearing loss due to severe ear infections.

1975:  Received BTE hearing aids for the first time; Would only wear one in the right ear consistently; Started talking for the first time after persistent prodding by Special Ed teacher, Miss St. John.  Wish I knew where she was today. 🙂

1976:  “Graduated” from Special Ed. preschool and started regular Kindergarten at age 5.

1989 – 1998: Attended college for both BS and MS degrees; received state assistance for tuition as well as hearing aid assistance; still wearing hearing aid only in right ear.

1995 – Present: Married and had 3 kids who are ages 7, 10 & 12 (going on 18); Work for an international law firm as a Senior Database Analyst.

September 2010: Made appointment with ENT and Audiology at Baylor College of Medicine; got the official word that my left ear was definitely a candidate for a cochlear implant.

September 2010 – May 2011:  Cold Feet.

May/June 2011:  Swallowed my pride and got back in the saddle to proceed; Discovered that the Advanced Bionic product I planned on choosing as my bionic ear was on voluntary RECALL (occurred in November 2010);  Had MRI with contrast (had bad reaction to the contrast), CT Scan and VEMP test done;  Found out that I have EVA – Enlarged Vestibular Aqueducts – not a direct cause of hearing loss but has been seen as being “related”…not much is known about this; so at this time,  all systems are a go for implant…just needed the FDA to finalize approval for implant.

Sept. 13, 2011: FDA approved the AB implant…all systems are a go; made my appointment with Audiology to choose the device.

Sept. 20, 2011: Appointment with Audiology, met with Dr. Ross Tonini, very nice man; chose color of processor and talked a bit about the surgery and had a Q&A session with him.

Sept. 21, 2011: Set surgery date…NOVEMBER 17, 2011…less than 2 months away!

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