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Reference audiogram…cool!

Here is an audiogram that shows sounds that we hear at different frequencies/decibels…just thought I’d share so you can compare any audiogram with it…also look at mine for  comparison as well.

Thanks to Howard at for sharing this!  And just for reference sake, the above picture came from: .



I am going to try to write down examples of what I can/can’t hear just to record pre-implant experiences.


  • I have trouble locating sounds.  For example, when I am waiting for the elevator, I can hear the ding…but never know which elevator it’s coming from…so if there are 3 on one side & 3 on the other, I almost always spin a 360 in order to find the one that will be opening soon.
  • Last Thursday night, my daughter & I went out with her volleyball team after the game.  I sat in between two dads, one of whom I have known for a while now.  I was watching 2 boys horse around (which was to the right of me), and then I turned my attention back to Mr. H to the left of me…only to realize he had been talking to me this WHOLE time.  I have no idea what he said…and being embarrassed/ashamed for not hearing him, I just played along…not sure if he noticed. :-/
  • We are having trees cut down in our backyard due to drought killing them.  I was sitting here working, when I heard a door slam…I went to find out which kid slammed a door, only to find out it was one of the trees falling to the ground.
  • More often than not, one of the kids will say something to me, and I will think it was the other kid and respond to that kid.  Or if they are fighting, and I think I heard the culprit right…turns out it was the other kid.  Hope they are not too confused.
  • I will often walk away and not realize that someone is still talking to me.
  • The timers on the oven…my kids will amplify that for me when the timer goes off. LOL.  Although lately they are starting to ignore it like I do…woops.
  • Songs on the radio…I can sometimes get the chorus only…the rest forget it.  And I only get the chorus maybe 20% of the time?  I usually have to ask my daughter.
  • More to come…


Here are my audiograms:


Left ear:


Right ear:

Will come back and explain but for now, here’s an educational link on how to read audiograms.



Just thought I would update quickly since it’s been quiet around here (on the blog, that is)…not much is going on; however, I do have a meeting with DARS (Department of Assistive Rehabilitative Services – formerly known as Texas Rehahibilitative Services).  I am hoping to get some financial assistance in replacing the hearing aid for my right ear.  Right now, I am wearing a Siemens ITE (in-the-ear), and it does not deliver enough power for the amount of loss that I have.  So, I need to replace it with a powerful BTE (behind-the-ear).  These hearing aids run from $1200 up into neighborhood of $3000.  And…insurance will only cover $1000 which does put a dent into it, but with upcoming cochlear implant surgery, I need to save whatever I have for that out-of-pocket expense.  Once I get an idea of what I can afford, I will be making the appointment with the audiologist that will also be doing the CI mappings. 🙂  The good news is that he also files claims with my insurance company so that helps a lot.

So that is all for now.  Oh yeah, one last thought…I have been seeing the youtube video of the woman who shows such emotion when her implant was turned on…this video received such a high volume of hits, that it was on our local news last night.  However, she did get the Esteem middle ear implant…which is primarily for those with moderate to severe.  I did try to get in on the clinical trials, but was told that my loss was too severe. 😦  Also, I kind of question the fact that she heard her voice for the first time.  I am close to profoundly deaf in my left ear, and severely in my right…and I can still hear my voice somewhat with out aids.  Eh…it is what it is.

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