Long overdue update…

Surgery has come and gone…and I am recovering very nicely…with the exception of a little bit of vertigo, numb tongue and sore jaw. I saw the doctor today for follow up, and he said everything looks really good. The tape finally came off, and I can now take a shower without worrying about getting that part wet. No more rolling up wash cloths and holding it behind the ear while washing hair…that was not fun!

Anyhow, there were no complications from the surgery. My mom & I got to the hospital @ 9:30 am. The biggest issue I had was a horrible headache AND the doctor was running over 2 hours behind schedule. So…when I finally got wheeled into the OR @ 2:30 p.m., the pain from the headache went over the top, and I promptly vomited whatever I had in my stomach (which was VERY little due to the “no eating/drinking after midnight” rule). The anesthesiologist wanted to cancel, and the male nurse, Scott, exclaimed “No way! You have to do it!” My doctor looked at me and said “Let’s do it”…next thing I knew, I woke up and it was over. Too weird. No one asked me to count backwards or forwards…I don’t even recall being told I was going under. LOL. The headache was still there when I came to, so I got a couple of shots of magic…wish I could have taken some of that magic home! Anyway, I had to wear a pressure bandage for 24 hours…this wasn’t too bad. I have been sleeping elevated on my back on 2-3 pillows every night. Last night was first night that I successfully tried to sleep on non-implanted ear…and slept soooo well! My worst complaint so far has just been the dizziness…it’s like I am constantly on the Tilt-A-Whirl (not that bad…I can move my head/neck LOL)…but as each day passes, I am leaning more and more to my center than to my right or left. Also, I had/have a sore jaw…apparently, the doctor/surgeon messes with a muscle that is attached to the jaw hence it being so sore afterwards. Didn’t stop me from eating though…LOL. Another thing is that my hearing overall has dropped CONSIDERABLY. I really need the new aid for my right ear, but DARS is taking a really long time to get everything in order. It will happen when it happens…what’s disappointing about this is that I will have to use the hearing aid less once the implant/processor is activated. Oh well…it is what it is.

The most anticipated event of all will take place on December 15th when I get the processor and it is turned on. I will have mappings on the 16th and 22nd of December. Initial mappings are when they turn on a number of electrodes incrementally…in addition to changing certain settings to adapt to changing environments (good link explaining this: http://www.hearingpocket.com/mapping.shtml). Anyhow, I am struggling with the anticipation and trying sooo hard to keep my expectations low. I have heard so many “happy” outcomes that my expectations keep rising, and my hopes remain ever so high. I would love to have my whole family attend, but in keeping my expectations low, I am only going to have my mother there. My husband will be at home with the kids. This way, if I am disappointed, it won’t be such a sour event.

So that’s the update in a nutshell. I will update again on the day of activation…


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