More examples of what I hear/don’t hear…

As these last two weeks draw to a close (before my device is turned on), I am going to try and post more examples of my hearing (or rather lack of).

  • Anyone trying to talk to me when they are behind me or to the side of me will not get a response from me…I am not ignoring you or being snobby…I simply do not hear you.
  • Talking on the phone has become more of a chore lately.  80% of the time I can hear you on my good ear…but even that hearing has dropped (or my aid is just failing)…and the tinnitus is so loud now that it will literally drown out real sounds…very annoying.
  • I do not hear birds singing.
  • Going through a fast food drive thru…yikes!  Often I will ask my daughter or my son (if daughter isn’t with me) what they said through the speaker.  Oh and more embarrassing is that I will keep on ordering when they have already said “Just a moment please”.
  • Voice mail…I have to play it over and over to get it right.  Often I will ask my husband or one of the kids to listen to it with me.

For now that is all that comes to mind, but I will say that I do avoid situations that require social interaction.  I still go to my kids’ school/sports events but often find myself isolated from other parents.  At work and in personal life, I would rather have conversation via email than through face to face or on phone.  I ♥ texting & email because they require very little voice interaction.  I will try to update more examples later.  ☻


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