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4 days post…

More new sounds:

  • Heard the rain on the roof at my daughter’s pitching lesson;
  • At same pitching lesson, I could hear the pop of the ball hitting glove;
  • Heard the house phone ring from BEHIND me…although it was a black/white shrill sound;
  • I didn’t know that the clicking the main button on Blackberry made a clicking sound when clicked…until now;


That’s it for now…at least what I noticed/remembered.  Stay tuned…


And it’s on…

Sorry for not replying sooner.  It was overwhelming and underwhelming, if that makes sense.  Keeping my expectations low did not happen, and I was disappointed in the activation.  However, I keep turning over new leaves almost every hour…but by end of day, I am tired (okay, it’s only been 48 hours LOL).

I have sounds going through a Darth Vader simulator…all sounds.  But I do hear things.  It’s all black and white though…very flat and undefined.  I am starting to identify sounds…just need to remember them.   Since Thursday, I have heard the following:

  •  knife grating the cutting board while slicing bell peppers
  • barefeet slapping the kitchen floor
  • flips of the light switch
  • creaking of my husband’s office chair from across the room
  • tapping of keys on keyboard
  • slapping of water against hands while washing hands (today)
  • sizzling of ham while making breakfast (today)
  • can hear the cycle of washing machine while in kitchen
  • beats/rhythm of music (no color though…it’s all black/white)
  • sound of water hitting dog food bowl
  • sound of dog drinking water
  • the slapping sound when shaking out clothes to fold
  • oscillating fan when it moves from side to side
  • the click of flipping the signal indicator handle in car

I will post new sounds heard as often as I can…hopefully at least on an every other day or weekly basis.

I did do my first Clix (The Listening Room on Hearing Journey) assignment this morning, I did really well with the very first basic test, but it was almost obvious what the answer was (one square would be “Puh puh puh” and the other was “ooooooo”, easy to distinguish breaks in sound vs one lone sound LOL).  Plan on doing at least 3-4 more today over and over…after we go shopping. LOL.  I’d say the hardest thing is not turning my hearing aid on.  I have not had it on since I put on my processor 3 hours ago. 

Oh, I guess I should talk about the audiologist.  He is of mind to take baby steps, and right now I am on the HiRes 90.  He wants me to acclimate to sounds as is now, and plans on adding “color” aka Fidelity 120 on Thursday IF I am able to discriminate some sounds.  So I am working hard at “what’s that sound?”   I hope to make progress, and I keep telling myself it will only get better.  Right now the only thing I am most bothered by is the soreness of my ear.  I still have a stupid stuck stitch, and I loathe the idea of having to go back to the doctor to have it looked at again. But it looks like I will need to call them on Monday as it is not feeling better.

That’s it in a nutshell.  Again, I’m sorry for not posting sooner…I wanted to get past the negative phase and wait until I was more positive about outlook. 


Stay tuned…

Today is the day that I will receive my processor AND it will be turned ON.  Please say a prayer or send some positive thoughts my way as I embark on this new journey of “hearing” in my left ear.


More to come later…



FDA approved the newest cochlear implant by Advanced Bionics…it is called the Neptune. I called my audiologist to confirm that I will have a backup processor, and I asked if I could instead have a voucher to receive the Neptune.  And his answer is YES!!!  I am sooo excited to have this opportunity!

In other news, I officially have a working magnet in my head…we tested with refrigerator magnets, and lo and behold, one stuck!  I think that with the swelling I had before, nothing would stick…now that the swelling is down to a minimum, the magnet works.  Kind of freaked the kids out though… 🙂

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